Introduction to:

"Waiting to Die, Longing to Love"


I Wanted To Die

-I was the evening news producer for a small Tennessee television station, It all came crashing to an end after an investigation into crack cocaine and prostitution, when a drug dealer convinced me to "just try it for yourself." I became hooked and went from being admired and respected to unemployed and suicidal.
On the night I wanted to take my own life I promised God if He would save me, I would write a book about how it all happened.

"Waiting to Die, Longing to Love" chronicles a year of my life in a residency program for drug addicts. I witness whacked-out relapses, outrageous, addiction-fueled behavior, all written down day-by-day in rehab. It is an inspiring story of recovery and redemption, my personal spiritual journey in getting well. I send e-mails from rehab to the only friend I have left. She is news anchor woman, Melydia Clewell. She writes me back with her perspective of my addicted condition. I turn these e-mails into chapters to give you a glimpse into the meaning of what true friendship is all about.

In this tell-all book about my addiction, Melydia Clewell also reveals for the very first time, something about her life no one knows about, but that's not all!

I witness behaviors in rehab that prompts me to file a huge criminal complaint against the facility! The true story that lies within these pages is real, raw and gritty.

My story may help you or someone you know get help for addiction.